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Advent at the Forest Festival Area
The holiday resort of Mayrhofen-Hippach is delighted to invite both our visitors and residents to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the 9th Mayrhofen Advent from 1st to 22nd December 2018 at the Waldfestplatz.
Lebkuchen backen in Kröll's Kinderbackstube - Mayrhofner Adventengel.
Mayrhofen advent angel
The festive season is here! The scent of Christmas cookies and gingerbread is in the air at Café-Konditorei Kröll in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. On 3rd December, Mayrhofner Advent throws its doors open once more at the Forest Festival Area.
On trail of the Advent Angel
Specially created for the Mayrhofen Advent at the Waldfestplatz, the Mayrhofen Advent Angel is a delicious gingerbread biscuit with marzipan and sugar icing, as well as a certain (secret) extra ingredient!
In der Weihnachtsbäckerei ... - Kekse backen beim Mayrhofner Advent.
At the Christmas backery
Biscuits and their recipes: There are many tasty treats - at the Christmas Bakery … Every year at the beginning of Advent, we all love listening to the popular Christmas song by Rolf Zuckowski "In der Weihnachtsbäckerei - In the Christmas Bakery“…
Christkindleinzug in Mayrhofen - so wurde Weihnachten vor 70 Jahren im Zillertal, Tirol gefeiert.
Christmas 70 years ago
….and all of a sudden it is Advent again. A time of peace and contemplation - or so they say. The commotion begins during the first weekend in Advent, the Advent wreath is supposed to be finished, before being blessed in the church, Christmas cookies should be baked...
Im Strasser Häusl in Laimach, Zillertal kannst du alles über die Entstehungsgeschichte des Liedes "Stille Nacht" erfahren.
The origins of "Silent Night"
The old farmhouse in Zillertal belonging to the Strasser Family – the "Strasser Häusl“ – with its altar and gloomy smokehouse tells much of the austere lifestyle of the Zillertal farmers of yesteryear. As well as the story behind the world's most famous Christmas carol - "Silent Night, Holy Night".
Looking out for St. Nicholas
Our Alfred has once again been out and about. This time he’s been looking for none less than St Nicholas himself, who makes an early visit to the Ziller Valley in November to check that everything is ready...
The tradition of "Klöpfel", or "Carol" singing is cherished to this day in the Zillertal Valley. Mayrhofen Men's Choir and the musicians of Mayrhofen Brass Band have devoted themselves to this custom during the run up to Christmas and will be performing their wonderful songs at some of Mayrhofen's most beautiful spots again this year.
Weihnachtstag 1944 in Mayrhofen - Erinnerungen an das Fest der Liebe und des Friedens in der Zeit des Krieges.
Christmas Day in 1944 in Mayrhofen
It is particularly touching when people who can still remember the terrible times of war, tell of how Christmas, the festival of love and peace, was celebrated.
Carol Singing - a cultural heritage
It is listed on the register of Austria's Intangible Cultural Heritages – the custom of "Anklöpfeln" carol singing on the last three Thursday evenings before Christmas. This beautiful tradition is still celebrated in the Zillertal Valley. It is intended to convey the story of Maria and Joseph searching for shelter preceding the birth of the Infant Jesus.
St. Nicholas Procession
Holy Saint Nicholas arrives with his choir of angels on Friday, 7th December.

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"Anklöpfln" is a cherished Tyrolean tradition. The "Anklöpfer" (carol singers) go from house to house during Advent to announce the imminent arrival of Our Redeemer with music.

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