Mayrhofner Advent

What awaits at Mayrhofner Advent ...

Mellow tones

Music deliberately "unplugged" - harmonious tones from brass ensembles, choirs, traditional "Klöpfl" singers and local music groups spread Christmas cheer and turn the Mayrhofen Forest Festival Area into a place to meet and mingle.

Traditional Crafts

Craftsmen and women present their traditional wares at the many stands: e.g. wood carvings, classic nativity scenes and "Doggln" - handmade felt slippers that are particularly popular in winter - and much more.


The seductive smell of Christmas cookies, mulled wine, tea, punch, hot chestnuts, "Zillertaler Krapfen - savoury crepes" and "Kiachl doughnuts", ... tempt visitors to sample some of the refreshments offered at the food stalls.

Customs, tradition and calm contemplation throughout the entire village

"Stalls" at Mayrhofner Advent

Visitors will be able to enjoy healthy organic tea, organic wine, organic spices as well as natural products made by local farmers such as smoked sausage, farmhouse bread cheese and much more. Handicrafts & accessories made from natural materials, tempting local treats such as "Zillertaler Krapfen", sweet and savoury Zillertal donuts, bacon, liqueurs, schnapps, jewellery, knitwear, "Doggeln" (handmade felt slippers). All this and more can be found at the various stands at the Mayrhofner Advent.

The Craft of Forging

Mayrhofner Advent will welcome Mr Raimund Kollreider and his wife Sigrid for the third time this year. He will be giving visitors a peek behind the scenes in the world of a blacksmith.

Using his forge, coal, an anvil, blacksmith tings and different sized hammers, he will demonstrate how a simple piece of iron can be turned into the most beautiful things such as: horseshoes, candle holders, door runners and much more.

Not to be missed for kids ...

Baking gingerbread at Kröll's Christmas Cookie Corner

Mayrhofner Advent Angels - the best thing since sliced (ginger)bread!

Discover the pleasure-filled world of gingerbread and marzipan whilst baking your very own Mayrhofner Advent Angel. Create you very own gingerbread angel from grandma's kitchen and savour the inimitable aroma of this deliciously sweet dessert!

Christmas Post Office

Children are also given the opportunity to design their own letter and send it to Santa. Maybe even include their wish-list for what they hope to find under the Christmas tree on the 24th December.